National Program Office


The Praxis Project is the national program office for Communities Creating Healthy Environments (CCHE). We’re a national, nonprofit organization that builds partnerships with local groups to influence policymaking that addresses the underlying, systemic causes of community problems. Committed to closing the health gap facing communities of color, we forge alliances to build healthy communities.


Building Capacity, Building Power (BCBP): More than a single election, Building Capacity Building Power (BCBP) is about staying engaged for the long-term. Our goal is to increase civic participation within underrepresented communities across the country by working in partnership with national networks to provide on-the-ground support, funding and training.

Learning Circles: Our Learning Circles are interactive gatherings that engage experiential learning, popular education and dialogue to support policy advocacy and organizing for social justice. Participants receive support from experiences organizers, develop action plans to support their work, forge networks and build valuable skills.

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